Polish Supply
Management Leaders
Non profit Association


We are a non-profit organization representing the interests of Polish supply chain, logistics and procurement managers, working for the mission of building a competence center in Poland in the area of ​​supply chain on a European scale.

PSML is a forum for exchanging views, experiences and knowledge in the field of procurement and supply chain management. Cooperating with partners from various environments, PSML Association creates and promotes good business practices.

In cooperation with universities and business, conducts intensive activities for the development of competences and staff.

We undertake an ambitious agenda and implement it together with members in partnerships with companies and institutions

Developing Poland as a center of competence of the supply chain on a European scale.

Providing initiatives that will implement the mission. Being a starting platform for initiatives developed by members and implemented in strong partnerships with institutions and companies, using each other ‘s scale and scope.

Investing in the young generation to shape and develop a new group of supply chain leaders and influence the formation of professional supply chain models.

We form the largest ACTIVE network in
Supply Chain Management & Procurement industry

PSML is a member of foreign Associations

The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is an international federation uniting 43 national organizations bringing together a total of 200,000 managers and specialists in the field of Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing and Materials Management.

IFPSM is a non-profit non-political organization that aims to integrate the Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Chain environments on a global scale . Organizes training, seminars and so-called winter and summer industry vocational schools. IFPSM also certifies training organized by national organizations.

The fundamental principle of IFPSM is the high professionalism of activists and members of the organization, and strict compliance with ethical standards enshrined in its statute.

Thanks to the long-term efforts of prof. K. Rutkowski in the scientific and diplomatic field, in 2010 PSML obtained the status of a full member of IFPSM. In this way, PSML became the only organization representing the Polish Logistics and Purchasing Environment at the international IFPSM forum.

How can we benefit from IFPSM membership?

It depends only on us and our activity in PSML. We can participate (at preferential rates) in training at the highest world level, organize e-learning for Polish managers in accordance with IFPSM accreditation, gain access to the resources of knowledge and experience of individual members, and attract speakers for our Congresses, trainings and meetings.

Detailed information about the IFPSM Association

Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik eV (BME) is a leading association of supply chain managers, buyers and logistics in Germany and Central Europe.

BME offers help and support to all its members who belong to all sectors of industry and services, trade, banking, insurance and public institutions.

One of the main goals of the Association is the transfer of know-how in the field of supply chain management, purchasing and logistics.

BME carries out these tasks through a permanent training and educational offer and exchange of experience, as well as through scientific work on new methods, procedures and techniques. In addition, BME supports its members in the development of new markets and economic processes.

Detailed information about the BME Association

The European Logistics Association (ELA) – is a federation of 30 national organizations covering almost every country in Central and Western Europe.

The goal of ELA is to provide members with a forum for communication and promotion of supply chain professionals.

In particular, ELA:

  • every year it awards the European Logistics Excellence Award for the best logistics project of the year
  • invites doctoral students from all over Europe to the annual ELA workshop to analyze selected aspects of logistics and the supply chain
  • organizes joint events and meetings promoting cooperation with the European Parliament and its Committees.

The European Board for Certification in Logistics is directly subordinate to ECBL – the European Logistics Association. ECBL is an independent body of member countries that voluntarily agrees to share competence standards in logistics and adhere to common levels of quality assurance procedures. ECBL is the curator of ELA standards and as such is responsible for updating ELA standards whenever necessary.

Detailed information about the ELA Association

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We invite experts in the areas of supply chain, procurement and logistics.

We also invite companies to participate in PSML undertakings and join the group of PSML Supporting Members .