Marketing 2020 – online or offline? How to combine it effectively when splitting? How to effectively reach the consumer?

On 19 June we had the opportunity to participate in an extraordinary event – POLZAK Marketing 2020. The model of this year’s conference perfectly fitted into the trends discussed by the panelists, i.e. the ability to adapt to a dynamically changing situation and react to inevitable changes. The event was held live! Everything virtual, only people were real.

The virtual edition of the POLZAK Marketing 2020 conference was a response of the organizers – PSML – Polish Supply Management Leaders Non Profit Association, SAR Association and THINK MICE to the situation related to the coronavirus pandemic. The ambitious goal was achieved through cooperation with partners: TSE Group, Global Expo and EMLAB (S/F Group). The combination of experience, know-how and technology allowed to realize the vision of an event tailored to the circumstances and at the same time showing new possibilities of the meetings market.

The conference was opened by Paweł Tyszkiewicz, managing director of SAR and Andrzej Zawistowski, member of the Management Board of PSML, with a discussion on business uncertainty and the lack of possibility to refer to experience from history.

Immediately afterwards, a lecture by Maciej Błaszak, PhD, cognitive science and biology professor at the Adam Mickiewicz University was held. The feast for the listeners was a lecture on cognitive science, showing that our brain can cope with the change caused by the crisis.

The whole event ended with a debate entitled “Marketing in times of pandemic”, conducted by Grzegorz Markowski. The invited guests focused their discussion on the positive aspects of our reality, saying that the time of pandemic is a time of creative thinking, which is the result of reactions to new situations. The need to return to a professional rhythm was also noticed – the replacement of tracksuits and t-shirts with more businesslike outfits. The interviewees also emphasized the need to create a set of tools to change and create reality, and not just give in to it.

This year the organizers faced a very difficult task – organizing an event during the lockdown, during Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, at a time when each of us is already dreaming about meetings face to face networking with a normal life. What could they surprise us with? The formula of the event was captivating; even though I attended the meeting sitting on my own couch, the presence of background, music and avatars made me feel a hundred percent part of the meeting. The content presented during the meeting was of great value to me, not only as a Purchaser, but also as a person living and facing the inconveniences of the time we have to live in today. After a brilliant introduction by Andrzej and Paweł, there was an explosion of curiosity, with the openness of a child I absorbed the words, music and presentations of Professor Błaszczak around me. Every word I said touched me deeply. Personally, I believe that every person facing the challenges of a pandemic should read the content of Professor Błaszczak’s lecture. The expert debate, how interesting, underlined the fact that each of us faces the same challenges, sensitized us to the market’s lack of interest and presented new interesting solutions to be applied in our space. I really appreciate the fact that I could be a part of this meeting, see you at the next one. – said Anna Serwacińska, Category Manager Marketing and Events Europe Procurement at Fujitsu Technology Solutions Sp. z o.o.

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