Unexpectedly, the topic of this year’s POLZAK Marketing conference is part of the challenges posed by Coronavirus by Marketing, Sales, Procurement and Agencies.

📈 We all want safety and health, but at the same time in these new and often difficult conditions, we also want to support our business and further develop it.

We will therefore cover topics such as:

☑ How to find new areas for possible development during the pandemic?
☑ How do you think about “putting out fires” about new opportunities and opportunities after the pandemic?
☑ Will the black pandemic swan force us to change the way we communicate with our consumers?
☑ Can and how can the world of communication be translated from offline to online?
☑ Is a pandemic just a crisis or hidden opportunities?
☑ What can we influence, what do we have to do in marketing, shopping and sales and what can we do now?

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Keep in touch, we will provide further details in the next messages. See you in good health in June!