Behind us are III workshops dedicated to CPO Club members, which were a continuation of previously discussed topics, including “Procurement Development Model” and “Shaping the leaders of tomorrow”.

This time, in the elite group of Procurement Directors, we talked about whether we are facing “Employer’s market or competence market” and how to react to changes in business. As part of the agenda, the workshops were held online, among others:
🔹 Competence in change – what is the key to success?
🔹 Perspectives of employees and employers – a new face of normality
🔹 Basis for effective recruitment

CPO Club workshops are, above all, a unique opportunity for discussion in an elite group. This time it could not have been otherwise! The meeting was a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and deepen knowledge supported by the latest market research results – drawn from a report prepared by HAYS especially for CPO Club.

The moderators of the discussion during the June workshop were:

  • Jadwiga Miśtak – HR Consultancy Project Manager in Hays
  • Iwona Sączawa – Business Manager at Hays.


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