Ahead of us is another workshop conducted as part of the elite group of CPO Club Members!

On September 23, CPO Club members will have a unique opportunity to participate in specially prepared workshops (conducted on-line), focusing on the subject of managing and developing the best talents and preparing them for a rapidly changing procurement environment.

During the workshop, we will talk about How to identify and acquire critical capabilities to drive performance, manage relations, and develop people.

On the agenda of workshops dedicated to Procurement Directors, among others:

✅ Effectively and visibly linking your Procurement team’s actions to the company’s long-term strategy… while adapting to rapid changes
✅ Mobilising internal networks to achieve the function’s objectives… and managing external relationships with partners and the wider community
✅ Building on your strengths and those of your organization to assemble fit-for-purpose teams… and achieving professional and personal growth

A special guest and at the same time conducting workshops entitled “Transforming today’s top Procurement talent into the CPO’s of the future” will be Sammy Rashed – recognized Procurement thought leader with over 30 years’ experience in senior management spanning productivity, strategy, and personal development.

Sammy Rashed iheaded Procurement organizations in Canada, Europe, and globally across all regions, where he drove the strategy and led transformation programs. He is an acknowledged expert and keynote speaker on personal and professional growth, helping individuals apply corporate planning principles through his Strategize / Realize / Realize (SCR) process.

🔥 We are also pleased to invite all people related to the procurement community to participate in the largest procurement conference in Poland – PROCON / POLZAK 2020. This year’s edition will be held in a hybrid version – TRADITIONAL and ONLINE. More information at: https://psml.pl/wydarzenia/procon-polzak/

🎯 More information about the elite club associating CPO at PSML: https://psml.pl/en/cpo/