📢 Despite the need to work remotely and the requirement to avoid face-to-face meetings, activities under the Top Young 100 initiative are in full swing. We treat the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic as an invaluable opportunity to learn to function in a dynamically changing environment. As we know in the biggest crises, maintaining continuity of supply chain operations is crucial.

⭐ The third edition of the TOP Young 100 development projecy is being implemented in accordance with the plan updated on an ongoing basis. We are already after the recruitment process. After the first stage held at partner universities and the second stage carried out by representatives of PSML, business and mentors, in the third edition of the Programme we welcomed 80 students of supply chain and related studies!

We congratulate all participants on their courage and awareness that despite the beginning of their career, it is worth fighting for their future. This is a very valuable attitude. Regardless of the result, everyone should feel like winners because they showed initiative by joining the programme. Congratulations on achieving a positive result!

📈 We are convinced that the TOP YOUNG 100 project will be a source of knowledge and new experiences and will bring fruitful cooperation to all interested communities.


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